Virgin Mobile Cell Phones For Sale

Virgin Mobile cell phones for sale is one of the hottest pay-as-you-go services in the mobile world. Virgin has the cutting edge on mobile phones and services. Their no contract commitment policies have attracted people from all walks of life. Virgin mobile allows you to pay for exact what you want and do not offer a one size fit all services like many of their mobile competitors.

You can find Advanced 3G, wifi, touch screen devices with up to date technology. You pay for airtime that fits your own personal budget. Just like companies that offer a contract, Virgin Mobile have unlimited text messaging, web access, email and a beyond talk plans. Most of the plans are very affordable starting at $25 a month. There is absolutely no penalties or additional fees if you switch plans. Simply choose a plan that works for you and you’re done.
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The simple, no hassle start up is what makes Virgin Mobile an attractive pre-paid service to many people. Virgin Mobile cell phones services offers:

• The latest Advanced 3G and Touchscreen mobile devices
• There are absolutely no hidden fees
• No credit checks are involved
• No activation fees to pay
• Choose Unlimited Messaging services, Data, Email and Web
• Easy to Understand service plans
• No commitment, No contracts and No hassles
• Choose a plan that fits your own budget
• Have access to MP3, Video, Internet and Social Networks
• Bluetooth services and so much more
• Social Network access
• Picture Messaging
• IM your friends and family member
• Ringtones
• Upload your favorite photo and share them with your friends
• Text to Land-line Messaging

Virgin Mobile also offers great downloads services.  My Pix is a photo album to help organize and store photos directly from your cell phone. You will be able to share photos with your family and friends. If you purchase a Virgin cell phone with a camera this service is automatic.  Virgin Mobile offers a large variety of ringtones for $.99 cents. They also offer ringback tones. Your caller will hear your favorite music when they call you back. Instead of ringing they will listen to a song.

Add your favorite graphics to your cell phone. Choose from a multiple selection of graphics. You will be able to connect to social networks like Facebook, MySpace, blogs, chat rooms, discussion board and so much more.  Have fun with sending a picture message from your cell phone, IM your buddies on AOL, Yahoo. Send text messages to landlines. The message is read out loud over the phone to your friends and family members. View your favorite artist, their songs and watch videos on your phone.  Virgin Mobile offers so many great features; you have to see it to believe it. Look through our site of Virgin Mobile products for cheap phones for sale and purchase your pre-paid service today!

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