New and Used Sprint Cell Phones For Sale

Sprint Nextel Corporation is a telecommunication provider and is the third largest wireless telecommunication network in the US.  It is based in Overland Park, Kansas.  It has 48.1 million subscribers.  Sprint is also a global internet carrier.  They also own majority of the largest wireless broadband network, Clearwire.

Sprint is also going an extra mile to provide a good customer service to its clients.  If you are a new customer or an existing client that will add a new line, Sprint can give you 30 days to try their service.  If you are not happy, you can cancel their monthly service.  There will be a refund on your monthly charges incurred in your service plan, activation fee, return the purchase price of your device.  They will also waive the early termination fee, restocking fee and the taxes and surcharges will be refunded.
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They also have the push to talk feature thru Nextel Direct Connect®.  You can connect nationwide or even to other countries even if there is no network connection.  You can choose devices wherein you can connect to a single user. The Group Connect® is where you can connect up to 20 users with the same type of device.

Sprint is the first wireless telecommunication provider that will test, launch and market the 4G technology.  The 4G technology can download with speeds up to ten times faster than 3G.
This coming June 4, 2010, Sprint will be introducing the first 4G mobile phone, the Android™ powered HTC EVO™ 4G.  The device has a 4.3 inch screen, dual cameras, can connect up to eight Wi-Fi enabled devices and it can connect to your HDTV.

They also have the BlackBerry® Bold™ 9650 smartphone. The regular price of the device is $499.99.  But, with Sprint, you can get it for $199.99.  It requires that you have a new line or you are eligible for an upgrade, both with 2 year contract.  With this device, you can download, view and edit Microsoft® Office, Excel® and Word® Mobile documents, and fast-track texts.  You can also send and receive IMs, e-mails and documents with a full QWERTY keyboard.

The Motorola i890 has a push to talk device via the Nextel Direct Connect® and the Group Connect®.  It is music capable, with GPS, can browse the web, check e-mail, and has a Bluetooth® Wireless. Sprint has a lot of new things to offer that the other networks do not offer.  It is up to the customers which devices they need and will help make their life easier and simple. Go here for more cell phones for sale.

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