New and Used Cricket Cell Phones for Sale

Cricket communications offers one of the cheapest unlimited deals in the country, priced roughly around half of what the major carriers offer. As such, if you are looking for used cell phones, choose one that belongs to the Cricket network. Although the Cricket network does not have nation wide coverage, there are times when you don’t really need such an advantage. During these hard times, practicality is the keyword and getting a cheap reliable deal whenever you can will take you a long way. Cricket wireless phones are the answer.

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Advantage of being in the Cricket network

Used Cricket cell phones can be registered in any individual or family plan. Cricket individual plans range from $30 per month to $60 per month, with 4 other plans in between. You can also select from among three types of family plans that charge $99, $132, and $165 per month corresponding to 3, 4, and 5 lines of service per month. That means, you are given enough flexibility in choosing the right plan for your budget.

Looking for used Cricket cell phones

When you start looking for used Cricket cell phones, always look for reliable sources. For one, make sure they have an established outlet nearby. If you really have to buy online then try to research more about the reputation of the site or seller. For comparison, there are some stores, online or otherwise, that offer a 30 day warranty even if you buy a used or refurbished phone. That should give you more than enough time to try out the phone. So it is good to try to find refurbished cheap cricket phones for sale.

There are also some stores that include essential accessories such as a charger and an “A” stock battery so you won’t have to look elsewhere to start using the phone. In case you are not aware of it, Cricket cell phones don’t use SIM cards.

Activating used Cricket cell phones

Used Cricket Cell Phones can easily be activated. Especially if they are cdma phones. Including some Sprint, Verizon, Alltel, US Cellular and others. If you’re new to the Cricket network, you simply need to go to the nearest Cricket center, fill up some forms, pay the activation fee, and choose a desired plan. After that, it would normally take just a few minutes before you can start using it. Just make sure you’re in a location that is covered by the Cricket network. View more cell phones for sale

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