Metro PCS Phones for Sale

Metro PCS has taken economical phone plans to a whole new level. How do you ask? Simple, they have cut out the guess work it when it comes to receiving your monthly cell phone bill. They do this by having a flat fee to use their services. So when you go to flip open your Metro Pcs Motorola Razr to call one of your friends, you can talk for as long as your battery lasts.

Metro's cell phone plans include unlimited text messaging, unlimited internet, as well as picture mail depending on the phone that you have. My wife has a Blackberry 8800 World phone that she had flashed to Metro PCS and she loves it. When picking a Metro PCS phone for sale, you have a variety to choose from other than those available at the retail stores here online because of the fact that phones from other carriers can be made to work with Metro.

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If you are into texting, the Kyocera Strobe k612 is a good selection. Also the Samsung R410 is a good choice for texting to your hearts delight. My favorite though was the Treo 755 I found on a Metro PCS for sale site. Its good to be able to switch the best pda phones over to Metro PCS. Down the road I will do more specific product reviews. But in the mean time I thought I would introduce those who weren't familiar with Metro PCS. Or perhaps you came to this site because you wanted to get a replacement mobile phone.

Switching your current account over is snap. All you have to do is call 611 and follow the prompts from there. Same thing if you are activating a wireless phone for the first time. You dial 611 and they will guide you to setting up a new account as well. Too bad buying cell phones for sale online isn't always this simple.

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