Apple recently released the newest generation in their popular iPhone line: the iPhone 4G. In its fourth generation, the new iPhone 4 is the slimmest smart phone in the entire world and is also one of the fastest. The iPhone 4G is a fast and functional smart phone for staying in touch, entertainment and even business related tasks.

The first noticeable different about the iPhone 4 is its shape. The iPhone 4 has a flat back and front while the iPhone 3G and 3GS backs were curved. The body is shiny and made of glass, giving the phone a sleek and trendy look. The screen uses new technology called retina display. The screen resolution is 960x940 with 326 pixels per inch. These impressive numbers allow the iPhone 4 to have one of the crispest, most colorful and clear displays available on the market today.

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Iphone 4G White
Iphone 4G White
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Apple improved iPhone battery life with its newest model. The iPhone 4 battery allows users 7 hours of talk time on a 3G network, 6 hours of internet browsing on a 3G network and 10 hours of browsing while connected to a WiFi network. The iPhone 4 has a standby battery life of 300 hours.

The iPhone 4 processor is also one of the fastest on the market. A fast processor increases the speed at which applications can be used. The iPhone 4 has multitasking ability, allowing users to switch back and forth between different apps.

Face Time is one of the more popular features that only the iPhone 4 offers. Users can use Face Time to video chat with each other, but to do so, they must be connected to a WiFi network. This is a valuable feature for friends, family, and business associates who need to communicate face-to-face but are physically too far away to do so. To accomplish Face Time, the iPhone 4 has a front facing camera which is meant to focus on faces from arms lengths away. The 5 megapixel traditional camera on the back of the phone may also be used to share live video feed.

iPhone 4 users no longer need to purchase expensive video camera equipment if they wish to take the occasional video at special events. The new iPhone is equipped with a High Definition video camera. Users can even purchase an iMovie app that makes editing videos on the iPhone 4 an easy task.

Apple is constantly redesigning and reinventing smart phone technology. With the iPhone 4G, the advancements are phenomenal. The iPhone 4G is the perfect phone for those who appreciate high quality smart phones with a lot of extra features.

The iPhone is a smartphone with an internet and it is a multimedia enabled. The iPhone is a touch screen device with a virtual keyboard. Its functions include a camera phone, a portable media player and have an internet.

June 29, 2007 was the day when the iPhone was out in the market. Time Magazine called the iPhone the Invention of the Year in 2007. The initial price was US$499 for the 4GB and US$599 for the 8GB. July 11, 2008 was when the iPhone 3G was released. It has a 3G data speed via UMTS with 3.6Mbps HSDPA downloading. Then there is the iPhone 3GS. It was released last June 19, 2009. It is an improved version. It has an iPhone 3.0 operating system. The camera has a higher resolution and video capability. It also has a voice control and has a 7.2Mbps HSDPA downloading.

The latest and the next iPhone to be released by Apple is the iPhone 4G and its not like typical cheap phones for sale. There are rumours that it will be released this July 2010. No one knows how it looks and what will be the latest application will be in the iPhone 4G. The security of Apple was always perfect. They have security locked armoured doors with codes that change every few minutes in their Cupertino office. But, despite their tight security, they still had a deficiency on their security. Gray Powell, an Apple software engineer working on the iPhone Baseband Software left the iPhone test unit at a beer garden in Redwood City. Then, that is where the leak of the iPhone 4G started. Gizmodo was able to get the unit and disassembled it.

The iPhone 4G according to Gizmodo has a front facing video chat camera. The back camera was also improved compared to the iPhone 3GS and has a flash. It has a micro SIM. No other cell phone uses the micro SIM. The iPhone runs a 4.0 Operating system. It also has an aluminium border and has a smaller screen but has a higher resolution. The phone measures 4.50 inches by 2.31 inches by 0.37 inches and weighs 140 grams. The battery is 5.25WHr at 3.7V

Iphone 4G Accessories

Otterbox Defender Case for the Apple iPhone 4G

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