Apple Iphone into Recovery Mode

I have a quick tip today on how to put your Apple Iphone into recovery mode. I see this question rather frequently in various cell phone forums I hang out in so thought I would post a quickie tip right here. To put your Iphone into recovery mode is real simple.

1. First you make sure your Iphone is powered all the way off.

2. You hold down the home/ menu button and at the same time connect your iphone to your computer. Your Itunes will then say that it has found an Iphone in recovery mode and bam you're done.

Now for those who don't know why this information is helpful, there is a lot of software and downloads available for your Apple Iphone. Unfortunately, like all software, not all of it is good. And if you get caught with some bad Iphone software you will have to do a system restore. In the mean time your cell phone may have been crippled or disabled some kind of way and you will need to put it into recovery mode in order to do a factory restore.

So that is how you put your apple iphone into recover mode, I hope you found it useful.

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