The AT&T Motorola Atrix is a phone that can offer you or any wireless phone user plenty of pleasure. You can edit your phone background to be only certain widgets or social networks are visible. This can help you get to an application or contact that you want to get to faster and more efficiently. A lot of phones are looked down upon because of the battery life but the Motorola Atrix allows you to pick three different types of battery modes so you can get the full life of your battery that you need at the time.

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The Motorola Atrix operates with AT&T's 4G connectivity so you can browse and access applications much faster. You can also use the hot spot service to connect with multiple phones at one time, unlike regular with Bluetooth were you can only connect with one phone at a time.

Traveling with this phone can also be a great asset to you because there are apps like Google maps and GPS. The best way to utilize 4G is browsing on the internet and with wifi you can fully enjoy the fast internet connectivity. There are numerous apps to choose from with the Motorola atrix. One app is the blockbuster app which allows you to purchase movies from their app store and your phone will stream the movie so you can watch it on your phone as soon as you purchase it. The Motorola atrix can also be used like a computer because of the quick office 3.0 software. With this software it lets you view, create and edit files from Microsoft on your cell phone.

Pictures are a great way to remember memories and the Motorola atrix comes with a 5.0 megapixel camera with led flash. The front camera on the phone is an excellent way to video chat to your friends and family. The Motorola atrix also comes with 16GB of internal memory that is already programmed in the phone so you don't have to purchase a sim card unless you really want to. Battery life with the AT&T Motorola Atrix is decent but the battery is also removable so if you need to purchase another battery so you can go back and forth in case of poor battery life you can do so.

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